The Music of Portsmouth 1944-1969

Mick Cooper and Dave Allen

The Cooper Allen Music Archive is the product of research into the music of Portsmouth during the quarter century leading up to 1969. The two researchers Mick Cooper and Dave Allen are both Pompey born & bred, falling in love with 'pop' and popular music in the 1950s and ending up playing around pompey and elsewhere in the 1960s and beyond (they played in the bands Heaven and Rosemary respectively).
The backbone of the archive is a timeline running from 1944 to 1969, much of which was culled from The (Evening) News. Mick researched the years 1944-1959 whilst Dave concentrated on the 60s. Their approach to the task differed slightly in that Mick recorded events on a date by date basis whilst Dave adopted a more descriptive style. Both chose to include some events outside the city limits as well as wider cultural influences, but these have been omitted from the edited version published here. The original research in its entirety can be see on Mick Cooper's website
The Timeline is supported by further detailed research into specific areas of music, such as the principal venues, the bands and their personnel. These sections will be added in due course.
The Timeline

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