Lives Lived and Lives Lost - Portsmouth and the Great War

Over 6000 men and women with connections to Portsmouth died during World War 1. 5000 of them are remembered on the Cenotaph in Guildhall Square, more are on other WW1 memorials in Portsmouth; some only appear on the pages of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission website and some are not officially remembered at all.
This section looks at a cross-section of those 6000 lives, their families and backgrounds together with their service careers. Later, it will be expanded to include some of the fighting men who survived the war and a selection of those who cared for and supported those at the front.
Inevitably there will be gaps in our knowledge which in time may be filled by visitors to this section with a personal connection to those remembered here. To share your information with the author please write to
Further information about all the World War 1 memorials in Portsmouth can be found on our sister site Memorials In Portsmouth.

ABBOTT, George Frederick, Private
ABRAMS, Frederick George Leonard, Lance Corporal
ABRAMS, Harold James, Able Seaman
ACKERMAN, Charles Henry, Driver
ADAMS, Alfred James, Staff Sergeant
ADAMS, Horace Walter, Bombardier
ADDISON, Alfred Charles, Captain
AHERN, Michael Harold Victor, Stoker 1st Class
AINSWORTH, Herbert W., Private
AITKEN, George Storry, Gunner
AITKEN, William Storry, Ship's Cook
ALDRIDGE, Henry William, Petty Officer Stoker

ALLEN, Henry Thomas, Private
AMEY, William Thomas, Private
ANDREWS, Archibald John, Lance-Sergeant
ANDREWS, Ernest Courtney HN, Lieutenant
ANTRAM, Frederick Harry, Leading Signalman
ASPINALL, Frederick Stewart, Private
ASPINALL, Percy John, Corporal
ASPINALL, Reginald Clarence, Lance Corporal
ATHERTON, Frank, Corporal
ATTWOOD, George, Yeoman of Signals
AUSTIN, Edward, Leading Seaman

BAGGETT, John William Thorne, Ordinary Seaman
BAILLIE, Andrew, Private
BAIN, Alexander George, Private
BAMPTON, William David, Private
BARRELL, Henry Irving, Lance Corporal
BARRETT, Arthur Vincent, Petty Officer
BARRY, Victor, Sergeant
BATCHELOR, Frederick Arthur, Captain
BATCHELOR, Reginald Egbert, Private
BATES, Albert James, Company Serjeant Major
BAXTER, Frank William, Sergeant
BEAGLEY, Reginald Victor, Corporal
BEECH, Thomas George, Private
BENNETT, Alfred Henry, Private
BERRY, William Frederick, ERA 1st Class
BETENSON, Sidney George, ERA 3rd Class
BEVIS, Albert John, Gunner
BEVIS, Charles Thomas, Captain
BISHOP, Herbert Sidney, Petty Officer 1st Class
BOLITHO, Victor Ayling, Second Lieutenant
BOORN, Ernest Joseph, Private

BRADBURY, Ernest Alfred, Second Lieutenant
BRADING, William Ernest, Artificer Engineer
BRANSBURY, Vernon Dudley Bramsdon, Lieutenant
BREHAUT, James, Leading Seaman
BRICKWOOD, Arthur Cyril, Second Lieutenant
BRIDLE, Ernest Andrew, Lance Bombardier
BRIGGS, Walter Henry, Private
BROWN, Alfred Robert, Engine Room Artificer
BROWN, Charles Arthur, Private
BROWN, Horace Robert, Private
BROWN, John James, Company Serjeant Major
BROWN, Leonard Andrew, Shipwright
BRUCE, Alfred William George, Private
BRUNNING, George John, Chief ERA
BURNETT, Thomas Joseph, Lance Sergeant
BURNS, John, Sailmaker
BURREN, George Percy, Engine Room Artificer
BURROWS, Daniel, Stoker 1st Class
BURT, John Cooper, Carpenter
BUTCHERS, Herbert Harold, Private
BUTLER, Scott, Private

CARTER, Francis, Artificer Engineer
CARTER, Robert, Private
CARTWRIGHT, Richard, Able Seaman
CASEY, George Gordon, Gunner
CASSELL, Arthur Henry, Able Seaman
CASSELL, Victor George Burton, Private
CAWTE, James, Pioneer
CHALMERS, Henry William Robert, Private
CHALMERS, James Edward, Private
CHAMBERLAIN, Reginald Harold, Private
CHATTERTON, Alfred Henry Goodbarne, Lieutenant
CHETWOOD, George Albert, Chief Gunner
CHILDS, Royden James, Second Lieutenant
CHILMAN, Edward Rene, Seaman
CHURCHILL, Clarence Harold, Second Lieutenant
CLARKE, Reginald Arthur, Private
CLAY, Frank, Lance Corporal
CLAY, Henry, Gunner
CLUE, Henry May, Second Lieutenant
COATES, Ernest, Sapper
COBBY, William Arthur, Engine Room Artificer

COGGER, William Allen, Private
COLES, Arthur Henry, Engine Room Artificer
COLLINGWOOD, Cecil Herbert Mowlam, Private
COMPTON, Charles Edward, Skilled Labourer
CORNHILL, Roland Percy A., Private
CORNWELL, William Henry Arthur, Private
COSTER, George Arthur, Sapper
COTTRELL, Frank, Sapper
COUCH, Herbert William, Engineer Lt. Commander
COURSE, Victor John, Private
COURTIS, Ernest Edward, Engine Room Artificer
COUZINS, Henry George, Lance Corporal
COX, Clarence W., Rifleman
CRAVEN, Joseph, Leading Stoker
CROAD, G.C., Rifleman
CROCKFORD, Charles Edward, Private
CRONIN, Leslie Reading, Private
CROOK, Albert George, Able Seaman
CROSBY, William Edward, Company QM Serjeant
CURRIE, Thomas James, Able Seaman

DAGG, Charles Frederick, Petty Officer Telegraphist
DAGLISH, Thomas Reuben, Petty Officer
DAGWELL, Harry Palmer, Private
DANAGHER, Patrick Stephen, Sergeant
DANGERFIELD, Charles Walter, Private
DAVIES, Frederick James, Shipwright
DAVIS, Albert Victor, Private
DAWES, George, Leading Seaman
DAWSON, Alfred William Arthur, Ship's Steward
DAY, Allan James, Serjeant
DAY, Sydney George, Writer
DAYSH, William Garnett, Private
DENTON, Leo Charles, Lance Corporal
DENYER, Private Frederick Henry Dann

DERRY, Charles George Henry, Lance Corporal
DICKS, William Benjamin, Private
DOLLERY, Charles David, Corporal
DOMINY, Albert Edward, Private
DOPSON, Frank Edward, Private
DRACKETT, Frederick Alexander, Private
DRAIN, Charles, Lance Corporal
DRAIN, James, Private
DRAIN, Richard, Private
DUBBER, Frederick John, Bombardier
DUCKER, Edward James, Private
DUFALL, Thomas George, Lance Corporal
DUFFY, James, Corporal
DUGGAN, Thomas, Private

EARL, George Thomas, Leading Seaman
EARLE, Arthur Boyett, Private
EARWICKER, Alfred Stewart, Private
EARWICKER, Edwin Westall, Lance Corporal
EARWICKER, Frederick Gennyes, Private
EASTMAN, Frederick Charles, Private
EDNEY, William John, Sapper

EDWARDS, William Arthur, Corporal
EMIS, Edward Victor, Private
ENEAS, William Joseph Boulter, Able Seaman
ESSERY, Frederick Harold, Shipwright
EVEREST, George Winnifrith, Air Mechanic
EWENS, Sidney Frank, Corporal
EWINS, Robert Percy, Private

FARMINER, Edwin, Private
FARRINGTON, Charles, Petty Officer
FERNS, Harold Johnson, Able Seaman
FIELD, Arthur Dudley, Lieutenant
FIELDER, Frederick Edward, Private
FINCH, Charles Samuel, Sick Berth Steward
FLEETWOOD, Corporal Arthur Ernest
FLOOK, William Jacob, Private

FORD, Robert Edgar, Sub-Conductor
FORTNUM, William, Petty Officer Stoker
FOX, Charles, Private
FOX, Percy William, Sapper
FRAMINGHAM, Frederick Hamilton, Private
FRAMPTON, Frederick, Regimental Sergeant Major
FRENCH, William James, Cook's Mate
FROOME, William Harold, Gunner

GANT, Edward, Private
GATTRELL, Sidney Frederick, Rifleman
GEEVES, Joseph, Private
GERMAN, Hugh Bernard, Major
GIBBON, Albert Jacob, Company Sergeant Major
GILES, John George, Private
GILL, Harry Charles, Artificer Electrical 3rd Class
GILLHAM, Cyril Henry, Private
GILLINGHAM, Arthur, Private
GILLINGHAM, William Albert, Serjeant MM
GILLMAN, Angus George MC, Major
GLADDISH, Edward, Stoker 1st Class
GLANVILLE, John Harry, Chief Engine Room Artificer
GOAD, Sidney, Private

GODDEN, Ernest Edward, Shipwright 2nd Class
GODDING, Henry Arthur, Private
GODWIN, Philip Edgar, 2nd Lieutenant
GOLLOP, Ernest George, Ldg Victualling Asst.
GOOCH, Robert Lewis, Corporal
GOODMAN, Arthur Ernest, Gunner
GOODWILLIE, William, Sergeant
GRAY, Robert Arthur, Rifleman
GREEN, Jeremiah, Stoker 1st Class
GREENLAND, Thomas Frederick, Sergeant
GREENWOOD, William Ernest, Lance Corporal
GREGORY, George, Private
GRIFFITHS, Arthur George, Corporal
GUNDRY, George Gerald, ERA 4th Class

HAGAN, John Sydney Henry, Carpenter
HALL, Arthur Charles, Fitter Staff Sergeant
HALL, Henry Cecil, Second Lieutenant
HALL, Louis Sylvester, Lieutenant
HAND, Richard, Petty Officer
HANKIN, George Joseph, Private
HARRIS, Ernest George, Engine Room Artificer
HART, Clifford George Colin, ERA 4th Class
HARWOOD, William T, Air Mechanic
HASKETT, Albert George, Private
HATCHER, Edward William, Lance Corporal
HAWKINS, Leonard Daniel, Carpenter
HAYES, Herbert Henry, Major
HEAL, Walter George, Second Lieutenant
HEATH, Alexander Roland, Private
HEATH, Leonard Reginald, Shipwright

HELLYER, Albert John, Carpenter
HELLYER, George Edgcombe, Captain
HENLEY, Frank James, Private
HENWOOD, William Thomas, Rifleman
HOARE, William Henry, Able Seaman
HOBBS, James William Biggs, Gunner
HOBBS, Jonathan Biggs, Private
HOFF, Ernest Harold, Corporal
HOLLICK, Lawrence, Private
HOOKER, Albert Edward, Private
HOPGOOD, Ernest Charles, Gunner
HORN, Alfred William, Private
HORSCROFT, Alfred Charles, Petty Officer Stoker
HUDSON, James William, Private
HUGGETT, Alfred James, Private
HUNT, Ernest William, Petty Officer

IDE, William Thomas, Private
IGGLEDEN, James Harry Frederick, Private
INNES, Henry Pembroke, Private
ISAAC, Frederick William, Chief Gunner

IVENS, Alfred William, Lance Corporal
IVERY, Abel Cain, Private
IVESON, George Bensly, Private

JACKSON, Dennis, Sapper
JAGO, Albert Edward, Sapper
JAGO, Thomas Edward Ernest, Private
JAMES, George Stinton, Private
JAMES, Joseph Christopher, Lance Corporal
JEFFERY, Cyril Joseph, Ordinary Telegraphist
JEFFERY, Frederick Arthur, Corporal
JEFFERY, Tom Forbes, 2nd Lieutenant
JENKINS, Sydney John, Private

JENKINS, Sidney Royston, Engine Room Artificer
JERAM, Edward William, Able Seaman
JERAM, George, Private
JEROME, Alfred, Private
JEROME, Charles Frances John, Private
JOHNSON, Ernest, Ordinary Seaman
JONES, Arthur Harold, Engine Room Artificer
JONES, Basil, Lieutenant
JONES, Charles, Stoker

KANAVAN, James, Blacksmith
KEAN, John, Private
KELLAGHER, Sydney Arthur, Major
KELLAWAY, William E, Gunner
KELLAWAY, Albert Ernest, Lance Corporal
KELLY, Richard Owen, Chief Stoker
KELSEY, William Thomas, Leading Stoker
KENNETT, James Edward, Private
KENT, Herbert Edward, Able Seaman
KERR, Alexander, Chief Engine Room Artificer
KINGSTON, James Dennes, Able Seaman

KINGSTON, Reginald John, Corporal
KINGSWELL, Walter Herbert, Private
KITCHINGHAM, Charles, Private
KITCHINGHAM, Thomas Henry, Private
KNIGHT, Henry, Private
KNIGHT, Joseph, Chief Stoker
KNOTT, Frank Wesley, Private
KNOTT, Henry Percy, Private
KNOTT, Joseph Alexander, Rifleman
KNOWLES, Frank Cecil, Ordinary Seaman
KNOX, Burton Thomas, Corporal

LAMBERT, Edward Valentine, Shipwright
LANG, Vivian, Officers Steward 1st Class
LARKHAM, Alfred Edward, Private
LAUGHLAND, George Thomson, 2nd Lieutenant
LAWS,Reginald Alfred, Ship's Steward Assistant
LAWTON, John William, Private
LEGG, Ernest James, Private
LEGG, Wilfred Vernon, Private
LENANTON, George Charles, Private
LEVERETT, William James, Able Seaman
LEVETT, Walter George, Able Seaman

LINDSAY, George Lawrence, Chief Stoker
LING, Edwin George, Sergeant
LOADER, Harold Charles Sidney, Private
LOCK, William Henry, Private
LOCKYER, Walter Ernest Godfrey, Private
LONG, Joseph David, Boy
LONG, Robert Charles, Private
LONG, William George, Private
LOVETT, Frank Westbrook, Ship's Chief Cook
LUCKING, Charles William, Sergeant
LUKE, Albert Henry, Driver

McCRERIE, William Wallace, Private
MACEY, William George, Private
McCORMACK, Thomas Gerald, Private
McMAKING, Oscar Lennox, 2nd Lieutenant
McSHANE, Stuart Norman, Private
MAHONEY, Jeremiah, Staff Sergeant
MAHONEY, John Edwin, Able Seaman
MAJOR, Leonard Charles, Artificer Electrical
MAKEPEACE, Thomas Leslie, Engine Room Artificer
MAKIN, Charles Thomas, ERA 4th Class
MALLEY, James, Private
MARNER, George, Leading Stoker
MARSHALL, Charles William, Stoker Petty Officer
MATHESON, George Henry, Stoker Petty Officer
MEADES, Stanley, Able Seaman

MEAR, Arthur Louis Leonard, Private
MIDDLEWOOD, William, Driver
MILES, Basil, Gunner
MILES, Maurice, Private
MILLS, Charles William, Private
MILLS, William Henry, Sergeant
MINGLES, Robert, Able Seaman
MITCHELL, Charles Gerald, Gunner
MITCHELL, Frederick Lawrance, Sergeant
MITCHELL, Herbert Lewis, ERA 4th Class
MITCHELL, Lawrence Adams, Captain
MOORE, George, Stoker 1st Class
MOORE, Henry Charles, Private
MOREY, Arthur William, Rifleman
MORGAN, Walter Henry, Second Lieutenant

NELDER, Frank Mitchelmore Aldridge, Lance Corporal
NELDER, Gordon Clarke Aldridge, 2nd Lieutenant
NEW, Thomas, Lance Corporal
NEW, William G., Private
NEWELL, Benjamin James, Private

NEWMAN, Frederick, Private
NICHOLS, Arthur Robert, Captain
NIXON, Alfred, Private
NORTH, Albert Thomas, Private

OAKSHOTT, Frederick, Lance Corporal
O'NEILL, Patrick, Private
OVER, William Stanley, Sergeant

OVERTON, Leslie, Private
OWEN, Alfred Frederick, Petty Officer

PALMER, Edward Talbot Ferguson, Second Engineer
PANNELL, Alfred John, Sapper
PARFITT, Harold Poole, Chief Petty Officer
PARFOOT, Alfred, Sergeant
PARFOOT, Thomas, Private
PARKIN, George Henry, Gunner
PARKS, George Edwin Harold, Lieutenant
PARSONS, William Archie, Ordinary Signalman
PAUL, Frank Ernest, Ship's Chief Cook
PAYNE, Ernest, Private
PEARCE, Walter George, Private
PECK, Lewis, Private

PETRACCA, Albert John, Sergeant
PETWORTH, George, Private
PICKETS, William Henry, Private
PLASKETT, George Albert, Chief Armourer
PLEDGE, Bruce Sidney, Petty Officer
POTTER, William, Petty Officer 1st Class
POWELL, George, Private
POYNDER, Leopold Eliot, Captain Leopold Eliot
PRESTON, George Gibbs, Private
PRITCHARD, Osborn Brace, Lieutenant Colonel
PULMAN, Frederick


RAEBURN, David Edwin, Fitter Corporal
REID, Eric Archdall, Second Lieutenant
RICHARDS, George Charles, Able Seaman
RICHARDS, Maurice Tom, Lieutenant
RIVERS, Frederick Charles, Private
ROGERS, Albert Edward, Private
ROLES, Albert Edward, Private
ROMER, Joseph Gilbert, Petty Officer
ROSE, Arthur, Stoker 1st Class

ROSS, John Alexander, Private
ROUND, William Henry, Ship's Chief Cook
ROURKE, Reginald Gardyne, Sergeant
ROY, William Henry, Chief Yeoman of Signals
RUNDELL, Reginald Charles, Captain
RUTLEDGE, James Edward, Petty Officer Stoker
RYAN, George, Private
RYAN, Herbert, Private

SAMPHIER, William George, Private
SAWYER, Charles Edward, Trimmer
SCARBOROUGH, Herbert Thomas, Sergeant
SEAFORD, Edward, Lance Corporal
SEAVERS, George, Private
SELF, Samuel Robert Victor, Mate
SHEA, William Francis, Private
SHEPHERD, Leonard, Private
SHEPHERD, Reginald, Private
SHEPHERD, Robert, Private
SHILL, Frederick, Private
SHOTT, Albert Henry, Engine Room Artificer
SHRIMPTON, Robert Stanley, Private
SLADE-BAKER, Robert Cunynghame, Lieutenant
SMART, Charles G., Private
SMITH, Edgar Thomas, Private
SMITH, Henry William, Ordinary Seaman
SNELLGROVE, Walter Percy, Private
SPARROW, William Gordon Morgan, Captain

SPERRING, Walter John Thomas, Private
SQUIRES, Francis William, Second Lieutenant
STALLARD, Arthur George, Private
STALLARD, George, Corporal
STALLARD, George William, Private
STARKEY, Joseph Bernard Collins, Lieutenant
STEED, Alan Davidson, Rifleman
STEWART, Sydney James, Private
STILWELL, Alfred Percival, Lance Corporal
STOKES, Charles Leonard, Lieutenant
STONE, Charles Douglas Felgate, Second Lieutenant
STONE, William Edward, Private
SUMMERS, Edwin Herbert, Lance Sergeant
SUTTON, John William Wellesley, Second Lieutenant
SWANTON, John James, Chief Petty Officer
SWEET, Albert E., Gunner
SWEET, John Samuel, Private
SYKES, Vivian Archibald, Gunner

TAIT, John James, Private
TANNER, Clarence Norman, Sergeant
TAPPENDEN, Herbert Frederick, Second Lieutenant
TETLEY, John Charles Dodsworth, Lieutenant
THICK, Frederick Charles, Officer's Steward
THOMAS, Frederick George, Private
THOMEUF, Léon Jules Marie, Lieutenant
THOMPSON, Richard, Company Serjeant Major
TIDNAM, John William, Private
TIDY, Stanley Benjamin, Lance Corporal

TILBURY, Herbert Walter, 2nd Lieutenant
TILBURY, Robert William, 2nd Lieutenant
TILLEY, Alfred Ernest, Sergeant
TOLLERFIELD, Charles E., Private
TONKIN, William Richard, Lance Corporal
TOWNER, Arthur, Petty Officer 1st Class
TRICKETT, William George, Armourer's Mate
TRUEMAN, Leading Seaman Henry James
TURNER, Robert Henry, Lieutenant
TWOMEY, Leo James, Sick Berth Steward

UNDERDOWN, David, Private

URIDGE, Albert Edward, Private

VAUGHAN, Henry Walter, Shipwright
VINE, George Henry, Ship's Steward Assistant

VINEY, Fred Ewart, Private
VINEY, William Herbert, Able Seaman

WADE, Arthur Edward, ERA 2nd Class
WAGER, Bertram Edward Steventon, Private
WALDRON, James John Victor, Private
WALKER, Joseph Alexander, Lance Corporal
WEARN, Alfred Ernest, Ordinary Seaman
WELCH, James John, Colour Sergeant
WESTCOTT, William Henry Brown, Electrical Artificer
WESTROPE, John William, Leading Seaman
WHETTEM, James Main, Rifleman
WHITE, Charles Frederick Hilliard, ERA 3rd Class

WHYMARK, Anthony Thomas H, Sapper
WICKENS, Thomas James, Leading Stoker
WIGGINS, Richard John, Gunner
WILKINSON, Clarence Wilfred, ERA 3rd Class
WILLIAMSON, Frederick Henry, Lance Sergeant
WILLS, William Thomas, Sergeant
WILSON, Joseph William, Chief Engine Room Artificer
WINDIBANK, Frank, Sergeant
WOODS, Frederick William, Lieutenant

YEATMAN, Sidney Albert, Petty Officer Stoker
YOUNG, Alfred Edgar, Private

YOUNG, Charles Henry, Gunner
YOUNG, WG, Private