In 1726 the Mayor commanded the Constables to make a return of Public Houses etc. within the borough together with the names of the proprietors and the signs they displayed. The order for that year survives but the return is lost. The order for 1716 is lost but the return survives. That part of it referring to Portsmouth Town is as follows.
In High Street, the Parade and the Lanes adjoining.

The Bulls Head - John Carleton
The Crown Coffee House - Mr Pile
The Roe Buck - Mr. Levatt
The Crown - Mr. Wattell
The Rainbow Coffee House - Mr. Shepard
The Prince George's Head - Mr. Howard
Brandy Shop - Stephen Clongen
The Bakers Arms - John Jones
The George - Owen Rock
The Three Compasses - Mr. Reeves
The Flower Pot - Mr. Price
The Coffee House - Mrs. Ellet
Brandy shop - Mr. Robert Grig
The Dolphin - William Gray
The Three Tuns and Lanthorns - John Mooring
The Magpie - Edward Edwards
The Two fighting Cocks - Joseph Neale
The Two fencing Masters - Mr. Harris
The Wagon and Lamb - Mrs. Hays
The Fortune of War - John Wheeler
The Thistle and Crown - Mr. Olcorn
The Scotch Arms - Mrs. Lensley
The White Horse - Peter Querell
Brandy Shop - Mary Stagg
The Three Crowns - Mrs. Stansmoor
The White Harte - Mr Grig
Brandy Shop - Mr Mudge
The Golden Lion - Thomas Welstead
The Dog and Duck - Mr. Druce
The Eight Bells - Mr. Ragg
Brandy Shop - Mr. Henty
The Three Tuns - Mr. Walden
The Red Lion - John West
Oyster Street
The Roebuck - Christopher Levett
The Crowne - Thomas Wattell
The Bell - Jonathan Brett
The Plumb and Feathers - Luke Smith
The Bakers Arms - John Jones
St. Thomas's Street
The Joyners' Arms - Widow Roberts
The Goate - William Hellyer
The King's Arms - William Neville
St Mary's Street
The Plough - Thomas Gamblin
The Anchor and Crown - Thomas Holt
The Three Horse Shoes - Henry Tarrant
Warbiington Street
The Peacock - William Bates
The Talbott - George Barkham
The Bricklayers' Arms - Edward Forbes
The King's Head - Widow Rose
The London Prentice - Jasper Skelton
"Houses without Poynt Geate."
The "Ile of Wite hige." (Hoy) - Tobye Dreake
The Bricklayer's Arms - Nickolas Pearson
The London - George Gessedge
The King's Head - John Sumerset
The Union - William Hopkence
The Dolphin - William Donkson
The Union - William Drewe
Brandy Shop - William Marshall
The Fortune of War - Thomas Werson
The Rose and Crown - George Winshyn
The Nors Toy - Thomas Colance
The Cross Keys - Robart Borsell
The King George's Head - John Smith
The Five Bells - John Doane
The Fishing Hige, (Hoy) - Elizabeth Cole
The Globe - Edward Garit
The Orange Tree - Mary Hoahence
The Last - Abraham Williams
Brandy Shop - Joseph Gardner
The Black Dog - Jane Grear
The Black Swan - John Potten
The Thistle and Crown - Samuel Wawe
Brandy Shop - William Neuel
The "Blew Post." - Seaben Cole
The George - John Anderson
The Golden Hart - John Foster
Coffee House - My Cole
The Crown - Robert Douglas
The Three Guns - George White
The Seven Stars - Matthew Camuel
The Greyhound and Last - Richard Smith
The Row-barge - Charles Robarts
The Plymouth Arms - John Wefful
Brandy Shop - Antony Morey
The Bell - Thomas Hoalt
Brandy Shop - John Stedman
Brandy Shop - Thomas Robarson
Brandy Shop - Robert George
The Southampton Hige (Hoy) - Robert Treadgal
Coffee House - John Beach
Coffee House - My Cole