The following information is transcribed from "The Illustrated History of Portsmouth" by William Gates, using research by Mr. Alfred T. Everitt (for the period 1509-1899). Names for the periods before 1509 and after 1899 have been transcribed from a commemorative list within the church.
1294. Henry De Kingston
1346. Stephen De Micheldevre
1349. William Daundely
----. Walter
1378. John Batour
1378. John Rypiar
----. John Gate
1385. Walter Hervy
1386. John Alyntone
1395. John Smyth
1396. John Dryll
----. Thomas Freman
1450. William Wodeman
1457. Nicholas More
1464. Michael Godewyn
1485. John Woode
1492. John Pykman
1494. John Everard
1497. John Shipton
1502. Bernard Holden
----. Stephen Steward
1509. November 29th
Robert Adam. He had previously held the Vicarage of Portsmouth for 21 years, but resigned it on his appointment to the Vicarage of Portsea.
1534. Thomas Adams
The name of this `Vicar appears in the "Libor Regis" or " Valor Ecclesiasticus," a survey of all ecclesiastical benefices, taken by commission in the 26th year of the reign of King Henry the eighth.
1544. Robert Watys
1548. July 31st. John Malyn
1552. Robert Hickeson
The name of this Vicar appears in an " Inventory of the goods, plate, jewels, hells, vestments, and ornaments of the Parish of Portsea, taken the 15th day of July, Anno sexto Edward sexti." This inventory, which is preserved in the Record Office, is as follows :-
In primis. 2 bells in the steeple.
Item. 2 chalices of silver, with the patens.
Item. 3 copes, one of purple velvet, another of blue damask, and the third of " conell."
Item. 6 vestments.
Item. 4 albs, 2 amics, 2 tunicles.
Item. 2 hangings for the altar, whereof one is stolen.
Item. a painted cloth for the sepulchre. Item. one pall of satin with a fringe of silk.
Item. a veil for the lent.
Item. 2 surplices, 2 rochets, 4 altar cloths, whereof two were stolen. Item. 3 cross banners, 3 stremers. Item. a cross of copper, and two candlesticks of brass, and one " horse" of iron.
Item. one lych bell, 2 sacring bells. Item. one lamp of brass, one holy water pot of brass.
Robert Hickeson, Vicar.
Churchwardens :— Thomas Person, Nichus Styler.
Sydemen :—Barnerd Williseman, Johes Yonge.
1560. August 12th. Thomas Woodward (deprived)
1561-2. February 17th, John Whicher (deprived)
1563. September 5th. Nicholas Cave
1563. November 2nd. Christopher Threder
He also held the Vicarage of Portsmouth with this until his death in the year 1579.
1579. October 1st. David Evans
He also held the Vicarage of Portsmouth along with that of Portsea.
1592. Edward Bearblock, M.A.
Rector of Warblington, Hants, 1579. Vicar of Portsea, 1592. Elected Burgess of Ports-mouth in September, 1596. He resigned the living at Portsea on his appointment to the Rectory of Farlington in 1601.
1601. March 19th. Robert Beebey, or Byby, M.A.
Was appointed Vicar of Portsea, 1601.
1634. October 11th. Robert Halle, L.L.B.
son of Henry Halle, of St. Mary Borne, county Hants, became Vicar of Portsea in 1634, and Vicar of Portsmouth 1637. He was elected a burgess of Portsmouth in 1637, and died in 1640.
1641. July 2nd. Michael Bold, M.A.
Son of William Bold, of Nursted House, near Petersfield, was instituted to the Vicarage of Portsea on this date, but resigned it the following year on being presented to the Rectory of Widley and Vicarage of Wymering. He was afterwards Rector of Wickham, county Hants.
1642. December 27th. William Kings-well
There appears to be a doubt as to whether the. name of this Vicar was Kings-well, or Kingsmill.
1651. December 1st. Timothy Lidyate, M.A.
Vicar of Portsea, 1651. Nothing further is recorded of him. A Timothy Lidyate was elected Burgess of Portsmouth in 1675.
1662. William Bicknell, M.A. Calamy
In his " Nonconformists' Memorial," gives the following account of this Vicar :—He was born at Farnham, in Surrey. When he left the University he became assistant to Mr. Robert Tutchin, at Newport, in the Isle of Wight, and afterwards preached in Portsey Island, from whence he was ejected in 1662. He lived afterwards at Farnham, andpreached many years at Alton and at Farnham as he could. Upon the Act of Toleration he was chosen by the Dissenters of Farnham to be their Pastor, and continued labouring among them until his death in February, 1696. His funeral sermon was preached by Mr. Prince, of Ockingham. He was a man of good learning, and serious religion. A laborious, methodical, plain preacher. One that carefully watched over his flock, and would wisely and seriously rebuke their miscarriages. He was a faithful friend, and very sincere and upright. He was free in discourse, and ready to give his advice where he thought it might be of use. He was a great sufferer for conscience sake, which he bore with much patience. " When he was reviled, he reviled not again." He carried it like one that was very desirous his " moderation might be known unto all men."
1662. December 20th. Knowles.
1674. December 17th. Henry Holloway, M.A.
was the son of Jonadab Holloway, of St. Clement's, London. He appears to have resigned the Vicarage of Portsea in 1691, upon being presented to the Rectory of Laverstock.
1691. Robert Longeroft, B.A.
In the parish registers, under date 7th July, 1692, is an entry of the burial of " Mary Longcroft, ye wife of Robert Longeroft, Vicar:" On 4th October, 1701, the Vicar's burial is recorded " Buried Mr. Robert Longcroft, Minister." On the 18th July, 1709, the entry of the burial of another " Mr. Robert Longcroft " appears ; probably this was the son of the late Vicar. 1701. November 3rd. Cornelius Nor. wood, D.C.L. He was the son of Robert Norwood, of Stanmore, Middlesex, gentleman, and was born in the year 1662. He was Vicar of Portsea from 1701 to 1716, when he resigned that living and accepted the Rectory of SS. Maurice and Mary Calendar, in Winchester. He died in 1721.
1716. December 5th. Evan Jones
This Vicar was living at Portsmouth for some years prior to his institution to the Vicarage of Portsea ; possibly he was Curate at Portsmouth Church, as several of his children were baptised there. He married about the year 1708 Anna, widow of Lieutenant Richard Holford, R.N. This lady was sister to Mr. Charles Read, of Portsmouth, whose wife w as one of the two daughters and heiresses of the celebrated Mayor, John Vining, and it is possible that it was through the influence of Mr. Vining that Mr. Jones was appointed Vicar of Portsea. Mr. Evan Jones had a large family of children ; one of his sons, the Rev. Nicholas Jones, did duty at Portsmouth for many years ; and a daughter Anne was the wife of Dr. George Cuthbert, the Physician to the Garrison, by whom she had two children, the Rev. George Cuthbert, M.A., three times Mayor of Portsmouth, and Dorothy, the wife of Sir John Carter, who was Mayor of Portsmouth no less than nine times.
1738. July 6th. John Backshell, D.C.L.
He was born in 1691. He was Rector of Burton, Sussex, in 1718, Canon of Chichester in 1720, Vicar of Portsea in 1738, and Rector of Felpham, Sussex, in 1739. He died in 1750.
1750. Philip Barton, D.C.L.
son of Philip Barton, of Arelev-Kings, County Worcester, gentleman, was born in the year 1695. He held the Vicarage of Portsea from 1750 until his death on the 13th of July, 1765.
1765. September 3rd. Rice Price, D.C.L.
Son of Daniel Price, of Brecon, gentleman, was born about the year 1701. He was Rector of Stratton, Norfolk, and Vicar of Andover before he became Vicar of Portsea.
1782. John Ballard, D.C.L.
Son of Dr. John Ballard, of Langford Magna, Wilts, was born in the year 1740. He was also Rector of Twineham.
1788. January 22nd. Samuel Gauntlett, D.D.
Was son of John Gauntlett, of the City of Winchester, and was born in 1745. He was Vicar of Portsea, and Hursley, and Rector of Lainston.
1822. Charles Brune Renville
Son of the Rev. James Henville, Rector of Rowner, Hants, was born in the year 1781. Vicar of Portsmouth 1814 to 1838. Vicar of Portsea 1822 to 1838. Vicar of Ramble and Hound from 1838 until his death on 17th July, 1849.
1838. October 11th. John Vanderstegen Stewart, M.A.
Son of John Henry Stewart, was born at Portsea on the 15th July, 1794. He was educated at Winchester College, and for some years before he was presented to the living he officiated as curate of Portsea parish church. Mr. Stewart held the living for nearly 40 years, and until his death, which occurred on the 12th January, 1878. He was buried in the family vault on the north-east side of the old churchyard, a special faculty for the purpose having been obtained from the Home Secretary.
1878. May 15th. Edgar Jacob, M.A.
Third son of the Rev. Philip Jacob, Archdeacon of Winchester and Rector of Crawley, was born in November, 1844. He was a Winchester scholar in 1857. New College, Oxford, matric. October, 1863. M.A. 1870., Domestic Chaplain to Bishop of Calcutta, 1872 to 1876. Vicar of Portsea 1878 to 1896. Hon. Chaplain to the Queen 1887 to 1890. Rural Dean of Landport, 1892 to 1896. Hon. Canon of Winchester 1884 to 1896. Bishop of Newcastle from 1896.
1896. William Cosmo Gordon Lang, M.A.
Second son of John Marshall Lang, of Fyvie, co Aberdeen, Balliol College, matri•.27th October, 1882, aged 17. Fellow of All Souls College, Oxford, 1888-93. Curate of Leeds, 1890-3. Examining Chaplain to Bishop of Lichfield, 1893-6. Fellow and Dean Magdalen College, Oxford, 1893-6. Vicar of St. Mary the Virgin, Oxford, 18946. Examining Chaplain to Bishop of Oxford, from 1895.
Thus ends William Gates record. The remaining names were taken from a commemorative list in St. Mary's Church.
1901. Bernard Wilson
1910. Cyril Forster Garbett
1919. John Lovel Southam
1928. Geoffrey Lunt
1935. Henry Charles Robins
1944. Walter Smith
1961. Frederick Temple
1970. Kenneth Gibbons
1981. John Michael Brotherton
1992. Anthony Robert Wright
2000. Bob White