The High Street Chapel, now known as John Pounds Memorial Church, was originally built in 1718, some 56 years after the Presbyterian movement in Portsmouth was founded by Benjamin Burgess. Prior to 1718 meetings were held in rooms on Penny Street and then later in St. Thomas's Street, in a large room above a butchers shop. The building of the High Street Chapel was largely financed by the wealthy and influential Carter family who lived almost opposite the church at No. 19 High Street. In subsequent years the church congregation included over 40 local politicians who had risen to become Mayor of Portsmouth.
The original church was destroyed buring the blitz of World War II. The congregation, which sometimes numbered as few as six, was obliged to meet in places such as the Masonic Hall at Fratton Bridge until 1956 when the church was rebuilt, largely thanks to the efforts of the Minister John Sturges. The list of ministers below is taken from a board hanging in the church.

1662-1673 Benjamin Burgess
1673-1682 John Hickes
1683-1690 Thomas Clarke
1690-1703 Francis Williams
1703-1716 Simon Browne
1717-1756 John Norman
1757-1787 Thomas Wren
1788-1833 Russell Scott
1833-1872 Henry Hawkes
1872-1873 William Mellone
1874-1882 Thomas Timmins
1883-1887 William Birks
1887-1891 Edwin Cummidge
1905=1914 George Thompson
1928-1939        do.
1939-1945 Charles Coles
1945-1967 John Sturges
1978-1998 John Sturges (Minister Emeritus)
1968-1971 Martin Hall
1972-1973 Duncan Wilson
1975-1977 Murray Bracey
1987-1991 Rory O'Donal
1991-1994 Thomas Sanders
1996-2010 Brian Anderson
2011-         Martin Whitell