For much of the 19th century the Hampshire Telegraph published an annual list of all the stations (or postings) of the Royal Navy. This remains therefore a useful reference for the strength and disposition of the navy at any one time. Typical of these lists is that from 1860 which is reprinted below. The original list contained a number of errors which have been corrected, but there may be more.
Each entry gives the name of the vessel, the number of guns it carried, the type of propulsion (sc:screw, st-ves:steam vessel or paddle steamer, no designation: sail), the Captain's name, or if a flagship then the Admiral's name before the Captain's, a date which may be that of the launch or the beginning of the time on station and finally the station place name. Many of the ships and/or officers have a particular connection with Portsmouth; where further information about them is available online there is a link provided. Many of these are to our sister site Memorials in Portsmouth.
Additional information on these ships may be obtained from Peter Davis's website, the Index of 19th Century Naval Vessels or Mike Phillip's Ships of the Old Navy

Aboukir, 90, sc., Capt. C. F. Schomberg, 1851, Channel Fleet,
Acorn, 12, Com. R.B. Pearse, East Indies,
Actaeon, 26, surv.-v., Com, J. Ward, (b),1858, East Indies.
Adventure, sc. store-ship, Com, E. Lacey, 1856, East Indies.
Agamemnon, 91, sc., Capt. T. Hope, 1852, Mediterranean.
Ajax, 60, sc., Capt. J. M. M'Neil Boyd, Coast Guard.
Alert, 17, sc., Com. W. A. R. Pearse, 1855, Pacific.
Algerine, sc. gunboat, Lieu-Com, W. Arthur, 1854, East Indies.
Algiers, 91, sc., Capt. C. W. D. O'Callaghan, 1846, Channel Fleet.
Amethyst, 26, Capt. S. Grenfell, 1853, Pacific.
Amphion, 36, sc., Capt. T. Cochran, 1857, Channel Fleet.
Arachne, 18, Com. J. E. Montgemerie, 1855, North America and West Indies
Archer, 13, sc, Capt. W. N. W. Hewett, V.C. (acting), Coast of Africa.
Ardent, 8, st-v., Com. J. E. Parish, 1857, Davenport.
Argus, 6, st.-v., Com. H. F. W. Ingram, 1856, Mediterranean,
Ariadne, 26, sc., Capt. E. W. Vansittart, 1856, Portsmouth.
Arrogant, 47, sc, Capt. W. Edmonstone, 1853, Ascension.
Asia, 84; Capt. G. T. Gordon, 1846, Portsmouth.
Assistance, sc. store-ship, East Indies,
Assurance, 4, sc., Com.C.M. Aynsley,.1856, Mediterranean.
Atalanta, 16, Corn. T. M. S. Bosley, 1855, North America and West Indies.
Atholl, 4, Com. E. Wilson, 1845, Greenock.
Banshee, 2, steam-vessel, Com. C. A. Campbell, 1858, Mediterranean,
Banterer, sc. gunboat, Lieut.-Com. J. Jenkins, 1863, East Indies.
Basilisk, 6, st-ves., Commander G. A. Phayre, 1854, Sheerness.
Beagle, 4, sc., Com. E. Haye, 1858, East Indies.
Black Eagle, st.-yac. Mast.-Com, J. E. Petley, 1844, particular service.
Blenheim, 60, sc., Captain F. Scott, C.B., 1848, Coast Guard.
Boscawen, 70, Rear-Admiral the Hon. Sir P. W. Grey, K.C.B. Capt. R.A. Powell, C.B. 1855, Cape of Good Hope.
Bouncer, 2, sc. gunboat, Lieut.-Com. A. R. 0wen, 1822, East Indies.
Brisk, 16, sc., Capt. A. F. R. D'Horsey, 1857, Cape of Good Hope.
Britannia, training-ship, Captain R. Harris, 1849, Portsmouth.
Brune, st.-ves., Lieut.-Com. E. F. Lodder, 1854, Coast of Africa.
Brunswick, 80, sc., Capt. E. Ornmanney, 1846, Mediterranean.
Buffalo, sc. Mas-Com. A. Brown, 1851, particular service.
Bustard, 2, sc.-gunboat, Lieut.-Com. P. W. Hallowes, 1856, E, Indies.
Buzzard, 6, st..v., Com..F. Peel, 1855, S.E. Coast of America.
Cadmus, 21, sc,, Capt. H. S. Hillyer, C.B. 1854, Mediterranean
Caesar, 90, sc., Captain T. H. Mason, 1849, Mediterranean.
Calypso, 18, Capt. F. B. Montresor, 1851, Pacific.
Cambrian, 40, Capt. J. J. M'Cleverty, C.B. 1848. East Indies.
Cambridge, gunnery-ship, Capt. A. W, Jerningharn, 1851, Devenport
Camilla, 16, Corn. G. T. Colville, 1855, East Indies.
Caradoc, 2, st.-ves., Liet.-Corn. C. M. Buckle, 1847, Mediterranean.
Centaur, 6, st.-ves., Com, R, D'o. D'a. Aplin, 1853, East Indies.
Centurion, 80, sc., Capt. H. D. Rogers, 1846, Devenport.
Chesapeake, 51, sc., Rear-Admiral J. Hope, C.B. Capt. G.O. Wills, 1856, East Indies.
Clio, 22, sc., Capt. F. Miller, 1855, Pacific.
Clown, 2, sc.-gunboat, Lieut.-Corn. W. F. Lee, 1855, East Indies,
Cockchafer, 2, sc.-gunboat, Lieut-Com, H. L. Holder, 1854, Devenport.
Conqueror, 101, sc., Capt. J. W. C. Clifford, C.B., 1847, Devonport.
Coquette, 4, sc., Com. the Hon. F. A. Foley, 1855, Mediterranean.
Cordelia, 11, sc., Com. C. E. H. Vernon, 1855, Australia.
Cormorant, 4, sc., Com. A. Wodehouse, 1856, East Indies,
Cornwallis, 60, sc., Capt. G. G. Randolph, C.B., Coast Guard.
Cossack, 20, sc., Capt, R. Moorman, 1857, N. America and W. Indies,
Cressy, 80, sc., Capt. the Hon, C. G. J. B. Elliot, C.B., 1841, Mediterranean.
Crocodile, 8, rec.-sh., Com. W. Greet, 1854, off the Tower,
Cruiser, 17, sc, Com. J. Bythesea,1856, East Indies.
Cumberland, 70, Capt. G. E. Patey, 1855, Sheerness.
Curacoa, 31, sc., Capt. A. Phillimore, 1855, S.E. Coast of America.
Cyclops, 6, st.-ves., Capt. W. J. S. Pullen, 1856, East Indies.
Dasher, 2, st.-ves., Com.. E. G. Hore, 1854, particular service.
Dauntless, 31, sc., Capt. L. G. Heath, C.B., 1854, Coast Guard.
Dee, 4, tr-sh., Master-Com. T. C. Pullen, 1844, particular service.
Diadem, 32, sc., Capt. J. H. Cockburn, 1850, Channel Fleet.
Donegal, 101, sc., Capt. H. Broadhead, 1846, Channel Fleet.
Doris, 32, sc., Capt. E. Heathcote, 1852, Mediterranean.
Drake, 2, sc.-gunboat, Lieut.-Com. A. R. Blane, 1856, East Indies,
Eagle, 50, Capt. E. Tatham, 1854, Coast Guard.
Edgar, 91, sc., Rear-Admiral J. E. Erskine, Capt. J. E. Katon, 1855, Channel Fleet.
Edinburgh, 58, sc., Capt. E. C. T. D'Eyncourt, 1849, Coast Guard.
Elk, 12, sloop, Commander H. Campion, 1855, Australia.
Emerald, 51, sc., Capt. A. Cumming 1854, Channel Fleet.
Encounter, 14, sc., Capt. R. Dew, 1858, East Indies.
Esk, 20, sc., Capt. Sir R.J.Le M. M'Clure, C.B., 1850, East Indies.
Euryalus, 51, sc., Capt. J. W. Tarleton,C.B., 1852, Mediterranean.
Excellent, gunnery ship, Capt. R. S. Hewlett, C.B., 1850, Portsmouth.
Exmouth, 90, sc, Capt, J. J. Stopford, 1841, Mediterranean.
Fairy, screw-yacht, tender to Victoria and Albert, yacht, Portsmouth.
Falcon, 17, sc.. Com. A. G. Fitz-roy, 1857, Coast of Africa.
Fawn, 17, sc., Com. R.P. Cator, 1858, Channel Fleet.
Ferret, 8, Com. W. E. Fisher, 1856, particular service.
Firebrand, 6. st.-ves., Com. J.M. Bruce, particular service.
Firefly, 4, st.-ves., Master-Com. F. F. F. Taylor, 1846, Woolwich.
Firm, sc. gunboat, Lieut.-Com. W. R. Boulton, 1854, East Indies,
Fisgard, 42, Commodore Hon. J. R. Drummond, C.B., Woolwich.
Flamer, sc. gunboat, Lient-Com. H. M. Bingham, 1851, East Indies.
Flying Fish, 6, sc., Com. C. W. Hope, 1864, particular service.
Forester, 2, sc. gunboat, Lieut.-Com, A. J. Innes, 1853, East Indies.
Formidable, 84, Captain R. B. Watson, C.B., 1842, Sheerness,
Forward, 2, sc., Lieut.-Com. C. R. Robson, 1854, South America.
Furious, 15, st.-ves., Captain O. J. Jones, C.B., 1855, East Indies.
Fury, 6, st.-ves., Com, W. A. J. Heath, 1856, East Indies.
Ganges, 84, Rear-Admiral R. L. Baynes, C.B,, Captain J. Fulford, 1848, Pacific,
Gannett, 11, Com. E. H. G. Lambert, 1854, Mediterranean.
Gladiator, 6, st.-ves., Com, H. D. Hickley, 1858, North America and West Indies.
Gorgon, 6, st,-ves., Com. B. C. T. Pym, 1858, North America and West Indies.
Grappler, 2, sc., Lieut.-Com. A. P. H. Helby, 1849, Pacific.
Grasshopper, sc. gunboat, Lieut -Com..J. C. Tucker, 1855, East Indies
Greyhound, 17, sc., Com. J. W. Sullivan, Devonport.
Growler, 2, sc. gunboat, Lieut.-Com, H. E. Crozier, 1854, Mediterranean.
Hannibal, 91, sc., Rear-Admiral G. R. Mundy, Captain M Connolly, 1858, Mediterranean.
Hardy, 2, sc. gunboat, Lieut.-Com. C. G. Bogle, 1855, East Indies.
Hastings, 60, sc., Captain W. R. Mends, C.B., 1952, Coast Guard.
Haughty, 2, sc. gunboat, Lieut-Com. G. D. Broad, 1851, East Indies,
Havock, 2, sc. gunboat, Lieut-Com C, Fairholme, 1851, East Indies.
Hawke, 60, sc., Captain W. Crispin, 1852, Coast Guard.
Herald, 8, sur.-ves., Captain H. M. Denham, 1846, Feegee Islands,
Hermes, 6, st.-ves., Com. W. E. A. Gordon, 1854, Cape of Good Hope.
Hero, 91, sc., Captain G. H. Seymour, C.B., 1844, Channel Fleet.
Hesper, sc. store.ship, Master-Com. J. Loane, 1846, East Indies,
Hibernia, rec.-ship, Rear-Admiral H. J. Codrington, C.B., Captain F. Warden, C.B., 1845, Malta,
Highflyer, 21, sc, Capt. C. F. A. Shadwell, C.B. 1853, East Indies.
Himalaya, sc. storeship, Capt. J. Seccombe, 1859, particular service.
Hogue, 60, sc, Capt. R. J. J. G. Macdonald, 1854, Coast Guard.
Hydra, 6, st-ves., Com. R. V. Hamilton, 1857, particular service.
Icarus, 11, sc, Com, N. Salmon, 1858, Sheerness,
Illustrious, 72, Com. H. C. Harston, 1845, Portsmouth.
Imaum, 72, Commod. H. Kellett, C.B., Com. H. J. Grant, 1855, rec-ship, Jamaica.
Impregnable, 104, Vice Adm. Sir B. Reynolds, K.C.B., Capt. W. H. Stewart, C.B., 1854, Devonport.
Imperieuse, 51, screw, Rear-Admiral L. T. Jones, C.B, Capt. R. Maguire, 1854, East Indies.
lndus, 78, Rear-Admiraf Sir H. Stewart, K.C.B., Capt. W. K. Hall, C.B.,1850, North America and West Indies.
Industry, 2, st.-ship, Mast.-Com. G. J. Hodges, 1841, South America.
Inflexible, 6, sc, Com. G. A. C. Brooker, 1856, East Indies,
Intrepid, 6, sc., Com, J. H. Marryat, 1855, Mediterranean.
Iris, 26, Com. W. Loring, C.B., Australia.
Jackal, 4, st,-v., Lieut-Com J. Simpson (6), 1845, particular service.
James Watt, 91, screw, Capt. E. Codd, 1831, Mediterranean.
Janus, sc. gunboat, Lieut.-Com. H. P. Knevitt, 1855, East Indies.
Jasper, sc. gunboat, Lieut.-Com. W. H. Pyrn, 1849, West Indies.
Kestrel, sc. gunboat, Lieut.-Com. G. D. Bevan, 1853, East Indies.
Lapwing, 4, screw, Com. M. F. O'Reilly, 1856, Mediterranean.
Leopard, 18, st.-v., Rear-Admiral Sir S. Lushington, K.C.B., Capt. F. B. Wainwright, 1856, S. E. Coast of America.
Leven, I, sc, gunboat, Lieut.-Com, J. S. Hudson, 1854, East Indies,
Liffey, 51, sc., Capt. G. W. Preedy, C.B., 1855, Mediterranean.
Locust, 3, st.-ves., Lieut.-Com. J. B. Field, 1846, particular service.
London, 90, sc., Capt. H. Chads, 1848, Mediterranean.
Lynx, 4, sc., Lieut-Com. H. Berkeley, 1854, Coast of Africa.
Lyra, 8, sc., Com. R. B. Oldlield, 1855, Cape of Good Hope.
Madagascar, st.-ship, Capt. R. D. White, 1856, Jio Janeiro.
Maeander, 44, Capt. Sir M. M'Gregor, 1856, Ascension.
Magicienne, 16, st-ves., Capt. J. E. Commerell V.C., (acting), East Indies.
Marlborough, 131, sc., Vice-Admiral A. Fanshawe, C.B., Capt. the Right Hon. Lord F. H. Kerr, 1852, Mediterranean,
Mars, 80, sc., Capt. J. N. Strange, 1854, Portsmouth.
Medina, 4, st.-ves., Capt. T. A. B. Spratt, C.B., 1855, Mediterranean.
Medusa, 4, st.-ves., Com. W. Bowden, 1854, Coast of Africa.
Melpomene, 50, sc., Capt. C. J. F. Ewart, 1855, Channel Fleet.
Mersey, 40 sc. Capt H. Caldwell, C.B., 1853, Channel Fleet.
Minotaur, Captain B. P. Halstead, 1842, Sheerness.
Mohawk, 4, sc., Commander, P. C. C. M'Dougall, 1846, Mediterranean.
Monkey, steam-tug, Second Master G. Syndercombe, (act.), Woolwich.
Mutine, 17, sc, Com. W. W. Graham, 1851, Portsmouth.
Naiad, st,-ship, Master Com. W. W. Dillon, 1843, Callao.
Nautilus, 6, Lieut-Commander W. B. Grant, 1825, apprentice ship.
Neptune, 91, sc, Capt. F. A. Campbell, 1857, Mediterranean.
Nereus, 42, st:depot, Master Com. J. C. Barlow, 1853, Valparaiso.
Niger, 13, sc, Captain G. P. Mends, 1852, Australia.
Nile, 90, sc, Captain A. P. E. Wilmot, C.B., 1854, Devonport,
Nimrod, 6, screw, Corn. R. J. Wynniatt, (act.), East Indies,
Oberon, 3, st-ves, Lieut.-Com. F. G. C. Paget, 1852, S. Coast of America.
Odin,16, st-ves, Captain Lord J. Hay, C.B., 1954, East Indies.
Opossum, 2, sc. gunboat, Lieut-Com. C. J. Balfour, 1853, East Indies.
Orion, 91, sc, Capt. J. B. E, Frere, 1954, Mediterranean.
Osborne, st-ves, Master-Com. C. H. K. Bower, 1842, particular service,
Osprey, 4, sc, Com. H. J. Blomfield, 1855, Mediterranean.
Pearl, 21, sc, Captain J. Borlase, C.B., 1855, East Indies.
Pelorus, 21, sc, Captain F. B. P. Seymour, 1853, Australia.
Pembroke, 60, Captain E. P. Charlewood, 1855, Coast Guard.
Perseverance, 2, troop-ship Com. E. R. Power, 1850, particular service.
Persian, 12, Commander E. Hardinge, 1856, Cape of Good Hope.
Pioneer, 6, sc, H. A. Reilly, 1958, East Indies.
Plover, 2, screw gunboat, Lieut.-Com, N. B. Smith (acting), East Indies.
Plumper, 9, sc, Capt. G. H. Richards, 1854, Pacific,
Pluto, 4, st-ves, Lieu-Com, C. H. Simpson, 1848, Coast of Africa.
Porcupine, 3, st-ves, Capt. C. H. Otter, 1854, Devonport.
Princess Charlotte, 104, Master-Com. H. G. Thomsett, 1854, Hong-Kong.
Prometheus, 5, st-ves, Corn. G. Skipwith, 1842, Channel Fleet.
Pylades, 21, sc, Captain M. De Courey, 1852, Pacific.
Quail, 2, screw gunboat, Lieut-Com. N. Osborn, 1956, Mediterranean.
Queen, 116, sc, Captain C. F. Hillyar, 1852, Portsmouth.
Queen Charlotte, 104, Vice-Admiral E. Harvey, Capt. H. Harvey, 1852, Sheerness,
Racer, 11, sc, Com. the Hon. T. A. Pakenham, 1856, North Arnerica, and West Indies.
Racoon, 22, sc, Capt, J. A. Paynter, 1854, Mediterranean.
Recruit, 6, st.-ves., Com. D. Spain, 1856, Mediterranean.
Renard, 4, sc., Com. J. G. Goodenough, East Indies.
Renown, 91, sc., Capt. A. Forbes, 1846, Mediterranean.
Retribution, 28, st-ves., Commod. H. E. Edgell, East Indies.
Rhadamanthus, 4, st.-ves., Master-Com. Pullen, 1843, Portsmouth.
Ringdove, 4, sc., Com. R. G. Craigie, 1856, East Indies,
Roebuck, 6, sc., Corn. E. C. Symons (act.), East Indies.
Rolla, 6, Lieut.-Com. C. G. Nelson, 1854, Portsmouth.
Royal Adelaide, 104, Rear-Admiral Sir T. S, Pasley, Bart., Capt. W. J. Williams, 1841, Devonport.
Royal Albert, 121, sc., Rear-Admiral Sir C. H. Fremantle, K.C.B., Captain H. J. Lacon, 1856 Channel Fleet.
Russell, 60, sc., Capt. G. Wodehouse, 1854, Coast Guard.
St. Jean D'Acre, 101, sc., Capt. T. P. Thompson, 1847, Mediterranean.
St. Vincent, 102, Rear-Admiral the Hon. G. Grey, Capt. T. Wilson, 1840, Portsmouth.
Sampson, 6, st.-ves, Capt. G. S. Hand, 1842, East Indies.
Saracen, 4, Master-Com. W. Stanton, 1852, East Indies.
Satellite, 21, sc., Capt. J. C. Prevost, 1856, Pacific.
Saturn, 72, Captain G. Ramsay, C.B. 1843, Pembroke.
Scourge, 6, sc., Com. W. G. Jones, 1854, Mediterranean.
Scout, 21, sc., Capt. J. Corbett, 1857, East Indies.
Scylla, 21, sc., Capt, R. Lambert,1855, Mediterranean.
Seagull, sc. gunboat, Lieut.-Com, W. Chimmo, 1850, particular service.
Sharpshooter, 8, sc., Lieut.-Com. C. Gibbons, 1848, Coast of Africa.
Sidon, 22, st.-ves., Captain R. B. Crawford, 1856, Cape of Good Hope.
Simoom, 8, sc., Com. J. M. Cooke, 1852, particular service.
Siren, 16, Corn. G. M. Balfour, 1856, S. E. Coast of America.
Skipjack, sc. gunboat, Lieut.-Com. J. Murray, 1848, West Indies.
Slaney, 2, sc. gunboat, Lieut.-Com. H. R. Leet, 1855, East Indies.
Snake, 4, sc., Com. H. Harvey, 1857, East Indies.
Snap, sc. gunboat, Lieut,-Corn, W. 0. Butler, 1855, East Indies:
Sparrowhawk, 4, sc., Com. J. C. Byng, 1856, East Indies.
Sphinx, 6, st..ves., Com. G. F. Day, V.C., 1855, East Indies.
Spitfire, 5, st.-ves., Lieut.-Com. W. C. Chapman, 1859, Coast of Africa,
Spy, 3, Lieut.-Com. J. Hanmer, 1848, S. E. Coast of. America.
Starling, sc.-gunboat, Lieut.-Com. J. A. Whitshed, 1854, East Indies,
Staunch, 2, sc,-gunboat, Lieut.-Com, E. J. Pollard, 1855, East Indies.
Styx, 5, st-ves., Com. C. Vesey, 1854, North America and West Indies,
Supply, st.-ship, Mast.-Com. W. H. Balliston, 1845, Woolwich.
Surprise, 4, sc., Com: Lord E. H. Cecil, 1857, Coast of Africa.
Tartarus, 4, st., Com. A. L. Mansell; 1855, Mediterranean,
Termagant, 25, sc., Capt. R. Hall, 1855, S. Coast of America.
Terrible, 21, st.ves., Capt. F. H. H. Glasse, C.B., 1846, Mediterranean.
Terror, 16, Capt. P. Hutton, 1844, Bermuda.
Topaze, 51, sc., Capt. the Hon. J. W. S. Spencer, 1954, Pacific.
Tortoise, 12, st.-ship, Capt. W. F. Burnet, C.B., 1854, Ascension.
Trafalgar, 91, sc., Capt. E. G. Fanshawe, 1845, Channel Fleet.
Tribune, 30, sc., Capt. G. T. P. Hornby, 1846, Pacific.
Triton, 3, st.-ves, Lieut.-Com. R. H. Burton, 1849, Coast of Africa.
Urgent, sc, tr-ship, Com. H. W. Hire, 1854, part. service.
Valorous, 16, st.-ves., Capt. W. C. Aldbam, C.B., 1853, West Indies.
Vesuvius, 6, st.-ves., Commod., C. Wise, Coast Of Africa.
Victor Emmanuel, 91, sc., Capt: Willcox, C.B., 1850; Mediterranean.
Victoria and Albert, 2, st.-yacht, Capt. the Hon. J. Denman, 1841, Portsmouth.
Victory, 101, Admiral W. Bowles, C.B.; Capt, A. Farquhar, 1849, Portsmouth.
Virago, 6, st-ves., Com. M. B. Dunn, 1856, particular service.
Vixen, 6, st-ves., Com. L. Lambert, 1858, Pacific.
Vulcan, 6. tr.-sp., Com. A. C. Strode, 1856, Portsmouth.
Vulture, 6, st.-ves., Capt. G. Parker, 1854, Mediterranean.
Wanderer, 4, sc., Com. M. R. Pechell, 1854, Mediterranean.
Watchful, 2, sc. gunboat, East Indies.
Weazel, 2, sc. gunboat, Lieut.-Com. W. Howorth, 1856, East Indies.
Wellesley, 72, Capt:Sup. G. Goldsmith, C.B., 1842, Chatham.
Wellington, 72, Capt. R. S. Robinson, 1840, Devonport,
Weser, 6, st.-ves., Com. H. J. Raby, Woolwich.
Woodcock, 2, sc. gunboat, Lieut.-Com. G. S. Bosanquet, 1855, East Indies.
Wrangler, 4, sc., Lieut.-Com, R. J. Douglas, particular service.