There follows an extract from The Borough of Portsmouth, Miscellaneous Papers, 1884

James Milne map of 1791
James Milne map of 1791

"The Mayor Aldermen Burgess Inhabitants &c. meet at the Town Hall and in their Robes walk three times around the Town Hall, the town Sargeant carrying the Mace, the Constables walking in front. Mounting their horses they proceed around the bathing house to the north, down East street, over the town Quay into and all round the Gun-wharf, all round the Dock-yard, round the sea shore, over into Whale Island, around Joles Common, now Ridge's Common, round Tipner Salterns, now Tipner Magazine, round Stamshaw Common, over the bank at the lower end of the College Land called Hills, through the ditch between the lands of late Cobdens now Morey's and the lands of Burrill &c, till you come into the London Road at Green Post, a little beyond where the Obelisk is erected there a stone lies buried, nearly from thence straight along between the lands belonging to Stubington Farm, and the lands of Ridge late Wallis, into Stubington Farm yard nearly up to the house, along before the front of the barn, out into and all around Beeston field to the centre of Deadman Lane, all along the centre of the road, the centre of Lake Lane, till you come to Beeston Puttock, now Ridge Cross, that Puttock which is along side the widows field in which Puttock the Mayor's waste land is all around town field, under the hedge where the waste lands continue in width about nineteen foot from thence, through the fields till you come to Hangmans Barn, from thence down the centre of the lane till you come to a piece of land formerly belonging to Mr. Venables but now built on, all round close to that piece of land close to the part of the Mawraze in a direct line through the Mawraze to the Mayor's Bound Post upon Southsea Beach near Felton's Gibbet, from thence all along by the hot walls by the Powder bridge now the new Sally-port, from thence up to the Town Hall : give three cheers with God, save the King and there finish.
30th May 1801.         Sr. John Carter, Mayor.
N.B. When I made this Memorandum the Mayor had not rode his Bounds for near thirty years.
Geo. Dagwell.
The above Boundary was trod by jno- Adam Carter, Esqr., Mayor on Friday the 25th Septr. 1807.
Geo. Dagwell."